15 Feb 2013

Ocean Ranger Victims

Gone But Not Forgotten
On February 15th, 1982, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians witnessed the worst offshore drilling accident in Canadian history with the loss of 84 lives.
The Ocean Ranger was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan and first operated in the Bering Sea off Alaska in 1976. From there it moved to New Jersey, then Ireland and in November 1980 arrived on the Grand Banks. The Ocean Ranger was a massive oil rig touted as unsinkable and able to drill in areas too dangerous for other rigs. She was the pride of the offshore oil industry, the biggest rig of her day. On February 15, 1982 the semi submersible drilling rig the Ocean Ranger capsized and sank on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, 170 miles East of St. John’s.
On Sunday, February 14th, a vicious storm developed south of Newfoundland and headed for the Grand Banks. By sunset that very day, winds were up to 90 knots and seas were building rapidly. At around 7pm, with seas over 30meters (100feet) high, the main deck of the Ocean Ranger reported an especially huge wave. Sometime after 7pm the Ocean Ranger reported to the mobile shore base in St. John’s that a giant wave crashed over the rig smashing a porthole in the ballast control room. Water rushed in and shorted out circuits and the rig began to list. No one on board could stop what was happening. At 1:05am they requested that the supply ship come close and to stand by. At 1:09 it sent an SOS signal to search and rescue. "We're listing badly and we need to get the seamen off the rig.." Another call from the Ocean Ranger states, "We may not be able to hold the rig, rig might fall over..." At 1:30, the Ocean Ranger signaled it was sending its crew to lifeboats. That was the last time anyone heard from them. Two hours later at 3:38 a.m Coast Guard and other rescuers watched their radars as the Ocean Ranger disappeared. By 2:00 a.m., supply boats in the area had come to rescue people, or at least try. Tom Cane was onboard one such vessel and recalls, "We got close enough to see people. Fifteen or twenty feet and we were trying to get boot hooks out to them.....reach out and try to get a hook into a bit of clothing or something because I don't say they would last long in a cold night like that." Despite their efforts all rescue attempts failed and all crew members perished.
Owen Meyers was the weather forecaster on another oil rig, the Sedco 706 just fourteen kilometres from the Ocean Ranger. He remembers "We didn't have anything. We didn’t have all the survival suits like they have now. We had nothing, you know. I mean you were just going to go out in the Atlantic Ocean. I mean the sea water temperature was -1.2 degrees I think."
 All 84 crew members died. Over the next 4 days search teams were only able to recover 22 bodies, 2 life boats, and 6 life rafts. Autopsies showed those men had drowned. A Royal Commission looked into the disaster. It concluded the Ocean Ranger had design flaws, particularly in the ballast control room, and that the crew lacked proper safety training and equipment.
Today marks the 31st anniversary... all hands aboard lost and out of the 84 souls, only 22 bodies were brought home.  Rest in Peace...
Jim Dodd
Derek Escott
Cyril Greene
Derek Holden
Rick Sheppard
Frank Smit
Daniel Conway
Terrance Dwyer
Fred Harnum
Randy Noseworthy
John Pinhorn
Dennis Ryan
William Smith
Woodrow Warford
Tom Hatfield
Arthur Dagg
Kenneth Chafe
Gerald Clarke
Douglas Putt
Gary Crawford
Norman Halliday
Wayne Miller
Gord Mitchell
Perry Morrison
Greg Caines
Wayne Drake
Cliff Kuhl
Robert Wilson
David Chalmers
Robert Howell
Robert Fenez
Jack Jacobsen
Robert Madden
George Augot
Nicholas Baldwin
Kenneth Blackmore
Thomas Blevins
David Boutcher
Wade Brinston
Paul Bursey
Norman Dawe

Thomas Donlon
Joseph Burry
Leon Droddy
William Dugas
Domenic Dyke
Andrew Evoy
Randell Ferguson
Ronald Foley
Melvin Freid
Carl Fry
George Grandy
Guy Garbeau
Regineld Gorum
Capt. Clarence Hauss
Ron Heffernan
Gregory Hickey
Robert Hicks
Albert Howell
Harold LeDrew
Robert LeDrew
Michael Maurice
Ralph Melendy
Ken O'Brien
Paschal Joesph O'Neill
George Palmer
Clyde Parsons
Donald Pieroway
Willie Powell
Gerald Power
Donald Rathbun
William Smith
Ted Staplton
Benjamin Kent Thompson
Craig Tilley
Gerald Vaughn
Michael Watkin
Robert Winsor
Stephen Winsor
Robert Arsenault
Darryl Reid
Greg Tiller

Listen to Ron Hynes 'Atlantic Blue'

14 Dec 2011

Back in the Saddle! Yee Haw!

Finally back on board today!  I had lost my inspiration to post in my blog, since Splinder / Motime had become invaded by ads for various drugs.  For the life of me, I couldn't figure how to upload a picture either.  Very frustrating, to say the least!  It's allllll good now though!  Yee Haw!

Lots happened since my last post and now that I have a new place to escape, I can reflect back and hopefully put some of my memories into words...  Definitely, one of those greatest memories in the last year was meeting the other love of my life... Alan Jackson <3

He's one of the greatest! :)

Such Is Life

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Michael Augustus O'Brien
January 26, 1945 - July 14, 2007

Michael O'Brien, M.M.

As I often do, I'm thinking of you today, dad. It's hard to believe 2 years have passed, when you left us to sail your big ship in the sky. Everyone misses you very much and we cherish the thought of meeting you again. We miss your gentle heart and your laughter, amoung many other rare and beautiful qualities. Love you always.

CCGS Cape Roger

Your laughter echos in my heart

Wasaga Beach, January 4, 2007

One of a kind

Miss you more than words can describe...

Until we meet again, Daddy-O

Dominican Republic, December 26, 2005 - Dad with daughters.


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wood shavings on my coat
Last weekend, while playing with my camera in the workshop, my mind took a journey.  The ocean was the bluest I had ever seen and delicate conch shells lined the beach of silky sand.  My heart ached - wanting to feel the ocean envelop my body and there was a hunger to absorb the warm rays into my flesh... 
Then I woke up when John fired up the chainsaw.  My dreamy bubble burst and I am still here, freezing my buns off in Stayner.

As the Canadian chill cuts my core, I dream of being somewhere southern - toes dancing in the sugary sand...

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Girl's Weekend In Newfoundland
Middle Cove
Oh my goodness, that was an amazing weekend full of so much laughter and adventure.  I didn't think we could pack in as much as we did!  Seen above, along with me..... my beautiful sister Shelly (left) and sweetheart of a friend Cathy (middle).  It was Cathy's first time in Newfoundland so it couldn't be better for her to take the tour with the O'Brien sisters from St. John's.  It sure was a steady, GO-GO-GO tour!
THURSDAY: Flight arrived at midnight, Thursday, August 21st.  Gail's cousin was on the plane, sitting right next to me...  What are the chances?!  Grabbed our rental van and went to Ashton Apartments in downtown St. John's to check in for the night.  Unloaded our carry-on bags and helped Shelly get settled in for the night with her 11 month-old baby boy, Thomas.  They were wiped out so they went to bed and Cathy & I went to Trapper John's on George Street for a night-cap.  After this, we crossed the road to check out The Dock, where we were to meet everyone the following Saturday night.  After this, we hopped in the van (Cathy drove) and went to Wal-Mart at Stavanger Drive to pick up a few things for the morning (juice, eggs, playpen, etc...).  Took a little bit of a zig-zag route because my memory was foggy as to where the new Wal-Mart was located.  Found it via Virginia Park way, purchased some food and the playpen so that Thomas could have something comfortable to sleep in at night, since our accommodation didn't provide an infants bed (full intention of returning it on Sunday before we flew back to Ontario....  we're so bad!).  Accidently dumped a whole container of greasy french fries in the door of the minivan and then laughed our asses off.  Sorry Hertz!  Made our way back to our apartment and crashed for the night.
Thank you, Wal-Mart!
FRIDAY: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather...  What are the chances?!  All hands aboard the van which didn't even stink and off we went to Yvonne & Phillips.  Sadly, Aunt Lillian and Carolann were not there, but we at least had a nice visit with Y & P.  Went for a lobster sub at Subway and then out to Cape Spear for a little hike before Shea Heights to see Seamus, Mom and the boys.  Thomas was sleeping, so Shelly decided to stay in the van while Cathy & I walked out to the most easterly point in North America.  Had a photo shoot and then noticed Shelly was pushing the stroller down to meet with us, with a man at her side.  As they got closer, I realized my little brother Seamus came out to surprise us.  HUGS!  He stayed with Shell while Cath & I ventured on up to the lighthouse (even saw whales offshore).  This is when Cathy finds the first of many rocks that she smuggled back into Ontario.  Back at the gift shop,  Shelly & Thomas (Seamus went back home) were there and we make our first souvenier purchases (Labradorite & T-shirts).  We head back down the path to the van and spot a couple who we previously met at the airport.  Small world...  They too, are visiting until Sunday.  We took their picture and they took ours and we then skipped down the stairs, taking turns saying, what are the chances we'd see them again?  What are the chances the weather would be so beautiful?  What are the chances we end up staying an extra day?  What are the chances, what are the chances, what are the chances, on and on... Off we went, out to Shea Heights, laughing and giggling.  Had a beautiful visit with mom, Seamus, Tammy next door and the kids.  Phone rings and it's Marvin, who wanted to know if we were interested in meeting him & Joanne for a lobster roast on the beach in Seal Cove.  Hell yeah!  Mom stayed with Thomas (love that woman) and we packed Seamus and the kids into the van and hit the highway.  Coarse sand on this beach (HA!) - cobbles the size of lemons more like it.  Marvin stuck a stick up the lobsters (you know what) tail and we roasted them over the hot coals.  OH MY....  DELISH!  Especially with Joanne's homemade garlic butter .  When it was time to leave, Marvin got stuck in the cobbles with his truck.  The wheels kept spinning and it sounded like several boulders in a dryer.  The sound was thunderous, but he finally worked the wheels out.  Several of us hopped back into the box of the truck and off we went again.  I must say, Cathy, Seamus & I were quite smashed by this point.  Saturday was going to be a big day, so back to Ashton Apartments we go.  
What are the chances?!
SATURDAY: Cruise time...  Quidi Vidi, Torbay, Middle Cove, St. Phillips, Seal Cove again (forgot to give Marvin & Joanne some money for the delicious lobsters), and Fort Amherst.  Dipped our toes in the ocean at Middle Cove - Thomas loved doing that too.  Mom helped Cathy rape the beach from rocks - Cathy had them hidden under her toes in her flip-flops and in her cleavage .  We weren't sure if she was going to be able to get them all back in her luggage.  Scampers Fish & Chips (Finch & Chimps) with dressing & gravy for dinner and then back to our apartment to get Thomas & Mom settled so that we could go out to meet our friends from our old Air Cadet days.  Six o'clock, we meet Deanne at The Dock on George Street.  She was followed by Martin, Heather, Russell, Elaine, Paul, Tracy (aka: Squirt), Rose, Derrick, Peter, Tina, Greg, Jody, Chris and many others.  Chris gave Cathy THE BEST Screeching In I had ever did see in my life and the dancing and partying was in full steam.  We see that same couple who we previously saw at Cape Spear...  What are the chances?  The claim they were co-workers, but we think there was more to it than that (seen below as Shelly makes faces in the background).  Later, Shelly decides to head back to the room and Cathy & I went for a walk on the waterfront warf.  Before we knew it, the sky was getting brighter and the hangover would be huge tomorrow, for sure.        
Oops, she's bustin out!
Cathy get's Screeched In by Chris!  
Bottom's Up, Ladies!
SUNDAY: Late rise, needless to say...  Not much time today, so all hands jump in the minivan and we head to Shea Heights again.  We need to check-in on our flight and we need a computer to do so.  Going stand-by, nothing is guaranteed.  Peter helps us by checking with his next door neighbour to see if we can use their computer and it's a success.  We think everything is worked out.  Because of the late rise, we're all hungry now and Scampers is off the list - it was like gut rot the day before.  Magnum & Steins on Duckworth Street wasn't open until six, so we all head to Rumplestilskins on Hill O'Chips with Peter & Mom in tow.  Lobster meals all around!  YUM!  Cathy tries her first cod tongue too and thought it tasted like walleye cheeks.  Our plane is suppose to depart at 8pm (if we get on) and we still have to go to Wal-Mart to return the playpen and get the rental van back in time.  Off we go and Peter brings Mom back to Shea Heights where he also lives.  At the airport, our check-in guy 'Paulo from Portugal' tells us everything looks good as far as us getting on a plane.  We tell him that we're going to vote for him as Mayor of Portugal Cove.  We change our mind when we discover that our gate is super-busy and we're not getting on tonight's plane at all - no votes for him. 
Cod Tongue
Cathy & Mr. Pinchy
MONDAY: Maybe we'll get on the next flight at 5am.  Peter comes back out to the airport to pick us up and offers his house to us (sweetheart).  Three hours sleep and we're at the airport again, exhausted yet still smiling.  This time, Paulo from Portugal is not at the check-in counter but instead the gate counter.  Now we're feeling cursed and the 'what are the chances' phrase comes flooding back again.  This time there's much better news...  Paulo has upgraded all of us to First Class and once again, we want to vote for him as Mayor of Portugal Cove.  We're going back to Ontario.  What are the chances?!  Both sadness and joy fill our hearts.  Because I had to go straight to work when we landed, I decided to sleep the whole trip back.  Shelly & Cathy decided to sponge-up the First Class way of living and so they had hot Omelettes while I snored my head off.  Needless to say, it was still a very hard day at work for me after we arrived.  I think I can count how many hours sleep I had in 3 days on one hand only.  But oh boy, it was so much fun!
Three hours rest before we head back to the airport...
Great trip, awesome weather, tons of laughs, beautiful friends and a new love for Newfoundland, like a rekindled fire in my heart that will continue to burn on.  Until next time, St. John's.....
True in my heart.

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Don't I look cute?
Hi!  My name is Thomas and my mommy knit me this soft sweater so that I can keep warm.  She crafted it with tender loving care, and I will treasure it forever and ever.  Today, I am 7 months old and because I am growing very fast, I may not get to wear this sweater again.  Soon, I will have to pack it in a box.  Aunt Natasha says she loves this hat on me too (apparently, I'm adorable).  I think I will have to pack it away with my beautiful sweater. 
The weather is also changing and the little birds are singing songs in the trees.  These are all new experiences for me because I am not quite a year old yet.  I am learning things so fast though, because I am very curious and this world is so interesting.  Mommy and daddy are always teaching me things too.  They're the best. 
As much as I enjoyed the snowy winter, I believe that I'm going to really enjoy the sunny summer too!  I hear that the grass can tickle your feet and this is good because I really love to laugh.

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Natasha's Drink
Natasha's new year resolution: NO MORE BOOZE
What's your resolution?

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Happy Birthday, Susi....  Sweet Sister...
Hot Babe
I received your 'very creative' envelope yesterday and now it is my turn to return the gesture to you. 
I hope this is the most beautiful birthday present you get today and I hope he fulfills your every dream and desire.  May he give to you, on this, your 19th birthday, a feeling of being born again.  I hope he wraps his strong arms around you and ravishes you to no end.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.  Your friends here in Canada love you very much and we want to see you have complete happiness in your life.  Have a big, fat party tonight and be the wild-child that you are so good at. 
X  X

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Happy Birthday, Seamus!
Me and my baby brother...
Birthday wishes to you, KID!  Hoping you have a beautiful day on this, your 31st year!  I look forward to seeing you here in Ontario again next month.  Since you left two weeks ago, I miss you already! 

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How dare you say I look old?!
So much has happened since my last post, and I have disappointed many people because they check this site daily.  Please accept my apologies for not writing sooner.  Those who are close know why I have not written.  Thank you for your understanding.
I hope I have not forgotten 'how' to blog.....  These are my brothers and my sister (my sister, who is a new mom of a whopping 9lb, 13 oz teenage boy!!!)...
My family...
and my eldest brother...  Happy 40th birthday, Michael! 
November 3rd was such a great party and I'm pretty sure many people are still nursing their hangover...  Not for you to worry about Michael - We will all be okay.    Thanks for flying out from Newfoundland Seamus - You made the party very special and Michael was SO SURPRISED!!!  WOW~
Much love to everyone....I will post more in the next coming days. 

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 Smiles & Sunshine 
Tammy, Natasha, Shelly, Cathy

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JoJo, stuffing cannalloni...
You freak of nature.  I hope your day is filled with much love and laughter.  We look forward to seeing you soon, so that we can have a wee celebration.  (wink)

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How do we thank you?
Heros walk among us...
Mr. Craig Halliday (bottom-left) pulled Seamus Jr. & Riley O'Brien (two blond boys at bottom) from a burning house on April 27th, in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. My brother's estranged girlfriend left the boys at home with two women who became intoxicated and passed out. 4-year old Seamus & 2-year old Riley found a bbq lighter and started to play with it. By the grace of God, Mr. Halliday and his son, Elliot (top-left) were passing by and saw the smoke. He heard the children's cry for help and went inside to save them. Now, my brother has full custody of the kids and we are all so VERY grateful for the gift of these boy's lives.
Thank you for being there, Mr. Halliday and Elliot.  
Your heroic actions will never be forgotten.

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Spring flowers in my home...
Friendships are like warm sunshine, during the coldest and darkest days.  They bring joy and laughter in your life, in so many pleasing ways.  They're a shoulder to lean on, they're honest and true...  My friends, always remember... I am here for you too.
(Happy Birthday, Milliau)

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April  Fool's
Susi & Matt's Pretend Wedding   April Foolzzzzz
Yesterday, my sister and I helped our friend Susi into my wedding dress for an April Fool's joke towards her family back in Germany.  She sent these two pictures along with a note, informing her family about meeting the love of her life, while here in Canada during this 3-week vacation.  We laughed so hard; my belly still hurts.
Click HERE to read about the Top 100 April Fool's hoaxes of all time.

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I'll see YOU tonight, Mr. Handsome!
Brad Paisley
See you at Casino Rama tonight, beautiful Brad Paisley.  I'll be the one freaking out in the front row, screaming all kinds of affectionate sweet-nothings! 
Hopefully, I get past security with my camera.  

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My nephew, the hunter.
A hunter in training, my nephew Michael fashions his daddy's gun.  This family never eats meat from grocery stores.  Moose, deer, duck, goose and turkey fill their freezer.  All natural, wild game...

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Crush, the Lion
Baby Crush - Crush & John are related.  Can't you tell?Big Crush - PUSS IN BOOTS, put some clothes on!!!
I can't see the difference.  Can you see the difference?
Yes, Crush (formerly known as Mango), finally got a haircut.  This furry feline was the most hilarious thing to watch, chasing it's tail in circles after a relaxing day at the spa.
MEOW! Put some clothes on, Puss in Boots!  

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Wasaga Beach, January 4, 2007
The lilacs are budding, the birds are singing and the grass is turning green!  Here I am, at Wasaga Beach last Thursday.  The sand was so powdery and the air was scented with spring, making this experience the most bizarre thing for January in a snowbelt region of Ontario.
Dad took the above picture and I also took one of him as he relaxed in the sand.  It was contagious because all of a sudden a man hollered, "Good for you; right on, buddy!"  We look to the west and see a lady who was also sprawled out on the beach so that her husband could take a picture of her too.  Don't let the gloves deceive you because it was +10C that day and it was a lovely day at the beach with my dad.
Wasaga Beach, January 4, 2007

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Mayan Riviera, Mexico
Shelly & Natasha
Here's me and my sister at 60' at a coral reef called the 'NET.'  Our dive master was Nemo (if you can believe that) and the guy who checked us in at the dive shop was named Sebastian.  Shelly and I thought we were starring in a cartoon, hanging out with a missing clown fish and a singing crab.  Sadly, we didn't see Sponge Bob in his pineapple under the sea though.  =( 
Standing on the ocean floor...
Comparable to walking on the moon or flying, here is a picture Shelly took of me walking on the ocean floor!  Being my first 'ocean' dive, I have to say that I am definitely hook, line and fisher (inside joke for Sharon). 

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Dice 2-3 medium bell peppers (red & green for Christmas) and 1-2 sweet
onions.  Cream 1 tub of Sour Cream + 1 block of Cream Cheese (room temperature).

Layer in a 9" x 13" lasagna dish in this order:

Spread 1 can of 'Old El Paso Refried Beans with Mild Green Chilies'
Spread 1 jar 'Tostitos Cheese Salsa Con Queso'
Sprinkle a generous layer of shredded cheese, diced peppers and onions
Spread large size jar of CHUNKY (less watery) Salsa (medium is excellent)
Sprinkle more shredded cheese, diced peppers and onions
Spread beaten mixture of Sour Cream + Cream Cheese
Sprinkle more shredded cheese, diced peppers and onions
Get out the fat pants and Tostitos Scoops corn chips and dip away!  Yummy, yummy!

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Happy Birthday to ME!
At 6:45am, during a snowstorm in St. John's, Newfoundland, this world welcomed a bouncing 9lb3oz baby girl into the world.  How lucky was I, to become part of such a beautiful family.  I am so happy to have been given the gift of life.

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Happy 30th birthday, little brother.  XOX

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Oh whatta night...
Flapper Girls
If you've never hosted or participated in a murder mystery party, you have to download 'Murder At The Four Deuces.'  This party is suitable for 10-60 people and it goes very well with cocktails and good friends.  Shown above are the two, flapper sisters in their fishnet stockings and boas.  Stunning, are they not?  
Click Link A at the left of this screen to see more pictures from Saturday's Halloween party.
Happy 39th Birthday, Michael!

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Happy 3rd anniversary,
John & Natasha
I love you

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Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
The Little Mermaids
(Shelly & Natasha)
Two mermaids decided to take a dip in the chilly Georgian Bay this past Saturday.  The weather for this wonderful, Thanksgiving weekend was simply beautiful and the tree's foliage have breathtaking colors and brilliance.  It was an extraordinary camping trip to Meaford and we shared many laughs together.
Shelly's message in the sand on the beach at 1:00 am, after several cocktails:
(I think we both were a wee bit pickled.)

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Revenge Against The Gummi Bear!!!
Gummie costumes...
This is what you little bastards get for disrupting my sleep with that crazy and disturbing dream!
Thanks for the inspiration, BDG.

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Invasion of the Gummie Bears!
Last night, I dreamt that I was in Las Vegas (again, for the 5th time), and from my hotel window, I saw about 100 gummie bears walking down the sidewalk in single file.  I figured they could have been 5 year olds wearing costumes but their costumes were way too good and like the candy, they were almost transparent.
I don't even do drugs.

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You're In Our Hearts
it's been 5 years and we still shed tears
Not my personal photo.
black smoke filled the sky and we asked ourselves why
Not my personal photo.
counting the cost of so many lives lost
we will always remember you - the unfortunate few

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Sunshine in the darkness...
Beautiful Cobble Lake
Some people have the ability to bring light to the dark depths of one's day.  With tenderness to heal, they effortlessly cast their light with a gentle touch, smile, or words of compassion, while gently unfolding a fragile and emotional condition.  Their radiance floats through the atmosphere and brings brilliance to the gloom of mourning.  They are angels of light, for they sprinkle phosphorescence particles into the shadows and surround you in an aura of love.  

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Well... in Collingwood anyways. 
The streets are crawling with fat Elvis, skinny Elvis, hot Elvis, ugly Elvis, young Elvis, old Elvis, short Elvis and tall Elvis!  Even the children are dressed as Elvis! 
The Elvis Festival takes place every July and it's just one big excuse to party, while showing your appreciation for THE KING.  There's a huge stage set up on Hurontario Street and it is now time to go watch the performances.     

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Sometimes we don't need to bother talking about it.  What's done is done and it can't be changed anyways.  I try to look at the positive side of things and know that at least it can happen again and there's no need to feel exhausted about the yes and no of it all. 
Life is strange this way...  It constantly keeps us wondering what is going to happen next.  Next may be just around the corner and life gives us no warning to react.  But maybe we do get warning, but not enough time.  Maybe we do get warning, but there is still nothing we can do about it.  We just don't know.
There has always been a yearning and sweet ache in my soul and these days it's just getting stronger and stronger.  There's a lone heartbeat that tells me there is more to this life.  I have so much to live for and there is so much beauty on the road ahead.
Trees sway...  birds sing... destiny calls. 

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Angel Hair For Kids
My new do!
As a donation for cancer kids, I chopped 12 inches off my hair this past Saturday.  Since we go and get our hair cut anyways, I believe more people should participate in this worthy cause so that it's not wasted.  
Like the U.S. version Locks of LoveAngel Hair For Kids is the Canadian version of this program.  Do something good for somebody else and help these people who want to enjoy your long, lovely locks!    
P.S. Click on the campaign's name above, for further information on the programs. 

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Bernd in Boca Chica
swimming like a fish, having fun in the sun
warm clear water and tiny hermit crabs galore
breeze blows gently and the stars shine bright
sun burns down, tropical scenery is delight

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Wake Me When September Ends
Bowring Park, St. John's
just like the rain, we were falling
the sadness couldn't be described
it was cold and wet - we hadn't figured out yet
why this news came by
tears fall when life is not fair
like the heavens did on this day
smile and enjoy each day with hope
the sun will shine again

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falling falling...
Montera Falls
wall of water, gently flow
to the place, i love to go
watkins glen, a gorge so steep
in a tent, i do not sleep
friends and laughter, all around
walmart stop, neat things we found
see you again, next year or two
go with us, i wonder who

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Going to see AJ tonight...
Me, at the 5 points in Barrie...
I have a disposable camera tucked away in my purse and with this single ticket to Alan Jackson's show at Casino Rama tonight (thank you eBay), I'm gonna take pictures regardless of the rules.  Here I am, seen above with my fancy poster board that took me hours to create.  I should have been one of the 5 winners for Alan Jackson tickets, but I guess my sign wasn't good enough for the radio station's judges.  I was good enough to win my picture on KICX FM's website though...  CLICK HERE
Why Alan is playing at a place that only holds 5000 people, when he could sell out the Air Canada Centre in a heartbeat, is simply beyond me.  Although, I am very grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to see him at such an intimate setting tonight and I can't wait to go.

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Alan, you were awesome...
Alan Jackson - May 12, 2006
He's just a singer
A natural born guitar ringer
Kind of a clinger to sad old songs
He's not a walk behinder
He's a new note finder
His name's a reminder of a blues man
That's already gone
So he started drinking and took somethings
That messed up his thinking
He was sure sinking when she came along
He was born in the spot light
not too much left inside
She changed all that one night
When she sang him this song

Hey baby I love you
Hey baby I need you
Hey baby you ain't got to prove to me that
You're some kind of macho man
You wasted so much of your life running through the dark nights
Let me shine a little love light down on the blues man

He got so sick of speeding all things
They said he was needing if he was to keep on pleasing all of his fans
He got cuffed on dirt roads
He got sued over no shows
She came and took all that old load down off of that blues man

And he sang
Hey baby I love you to
Hey baby I need you
Hey baby I do get tired of this traveling band
I'm over 40 years old now
Nights would be so cold now
If you hadn't stuck it out with this blues man

I'm over 40 years old now
Nights would be so cold now
If she hadn't hung around with that blues man.

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Friends Forever
Natasha & April
cheers to this, it's you i miss
a friend to the end, i will always defend
through laughter and tears, it's been years
being apart, lonely on the heart
playing pool, skipping school
dances at night, oh whatta fight
laurier is gone, so is don juan
let's get pissed, it's you i miss
Our stomping ground...

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My Eye John's Eye
Yes... I know...  I have nothing better to do than take pictures of our eyeballs.  They are such an interesting combination of color and the wavy lines inside the iris almost looks electric.  That's John's eyeball on the right and it is such a beautiful blue... 
Time to turn off the computer now.  I feel like there are two Mike Wasowski's staring at me.   

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Brad Gushue of the rock, ROCKS!!!
Tears of happiness across Canada today, as Brad and team Canada win GOLD for the first time in Curling history.  There are too many miles between, Mile One, Stayner and the streets of George tonight!  Oh, how I wish I were home!  Congratulations, to the rock sliders from THE ROCK (and beyond)!

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My morning surprise from my sweetie!
Click HERE to learn more about the history of this LOVELY, St. Valentine's Day (pun intended)! 
Eat lots of chocolates and be sure to kiss your sweetheart often!  Here's a picture of what I saw when I left the house this morning...  He's such a darling and it almost broke my heart to brush off the dusting of snow.

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The Thaw
I took this picture last week at my in-law's property near Collingwood, Ontario.  Black and white at Wintertime is so magical, don't you think?  Comments are welcomed =) 

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ENTRY BY JOHN EARLE - Dad's Good Friend:
Good Evening Kapitaine:
We all know Dec 7, 1941  as the day that the Japs invaded Pearl Harbour and that the then President of the USA said it was a day that would live in infamy.  Well, January 26, 1945 in the colony of Newfoundland became the day that will live in infamy.  It was that day, that in the tiny village of Lanse au Loup that a baby was born to Julia and Thomas O'Brien.  They called his name Michael which means, in the old Irish tradition "He who loves the Ocean."
Before he was two years old, Michael  began splashing and playing in the ocean, or in the waters which ran behind his home (the Brook) and in ensuing years, the boy often found himself immersed in the ocean accidentally and  getting into big problems with an over-powering relative.  Nevertheless, he perservered and soon after high school was finished, he  fouund himself atlas, working onboard sea-going vessels of the Canadian Coast Guard.   Although starting out at the lowest rungs, he quite rapidly worked his way up, until he became a Commanding Officer (Captain, for you  less knowledgeable folk).
This  sailor loved the life in the Coast Guard and visited his old homestead on "his" vessel many times, both before and when he became C/O.  As far as we know, he did come ashore long enough to wed and father a family (we dont think this happened at sea).  His distant relative (and also Lanse au Louper), now living at Lewisporte, often welcomed the CCGS Hood, Cape Roger and/or Sir Humphrey Gilbert when 'Skipper Mike' was in command.  Indeed, there was a time when Mike and his crew assisted 'me' in securing my vessel "Little Rascal" and I have the photographic evidence somewhere here.
Today as he turns 61, my Wife and I, are sure most of the citizens of This Town would want to wish him Many Happy returns of this day and a HEALTHY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS  year ahead!  I will close as I often do, with the 3 little words (no no not that!)...KEEP IN TOUCH..... Cheers......
John & Sylvia 

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Operation Game
This is kind of like "Operation" ...
so far no one has made it past level 3.

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Fish Are Friends - Not Food
fish kiss, anyone?

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It was a very beautiful trip to the Dominican with our dad and the others.  The breeze was light, the cocktails flowed, the Caribbean sea sparkled and sun shone continuously.  Our resort was in the natural lagoon of Boca Chica, where the water is the baby-blue, crystal clear color we all dream about when we think 'tropical.'  These memories will always be cherished - Love you dad. 
(Click HERE to see more Caribbean pictures) 

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Me, when I was 19...  I used to be cute.  =)
Leaving early in the morning to go to the Dominican Republic for Christmas on the beach.  Wishing everyone a very beautiful holiday and I hope Santa is good to each of you.  Many kisses from Canada tonight and tomorrow.  I will think of you all, as I sip rum from a coconut and twiddle my toes in the powdery, white sand.  Be good or Santa is going to skip your house.  XOX Nighty night!

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Santa's chute...
Our fire place...
If Santa doesn't leave a load of gifts here...
you see that axe above the mantel?  It's real.

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Chocolate Star Gingersnaps
chocolate and ginger fill the air
cookie monster is lurking - have fear or beware 
gobble them down and eat them up
dip them in tea - they're good with a cup
flour sugar molasses and spice
bake some up - they're sure to entice
Bake some chocolate star gingersnaps for the cookie monsters in your house!  Click HERE to get the directions for these delicious cookies found in my 'RECIPE' album.

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I just thought this was the funniest picture and I had to share it with the world.  This was emailed to me a couple of weeks ago and I am unsure of who deserves the photography credit, but I think the subject should get an award for posing such a hilarious image.
farty bum
**Not my personal photo.

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Newest addition to our family...
My sweet husband John, brought this little guy to me when I was in hospital on Wednesday. 
His name is Alces...  TwigEater for short.   

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Little Johnny

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Santa  is working overtime!
Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas!
smile and be merry, the holly has it's berries
christmas is around the corner
he fills his sleigh, anticipating the day
good will and peace on earth
tree twinkles light, oh what a sight
laughter and tears alike
spread the cheer, have another beer
santa drained my account again
~fat bastard~

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A monkey is sitting in a tree smoking a joint when a lizard walks past and looks up and says to the monkey, "Hey! What are you doing?"
The monkey says "smoking a joint, come up and have some."
So the lizard climbs up and sits next to the monkey and they share a few puffs. After a while the lizard says his mouth is 'dry' and is going to get a drink from the river. The lizard is so stoned that he leans too far over and falls into the river.
A Crocodile sees this and swims over to the lizard and helps him to the side, then asks the lizard, "What's the matter with you?"
The lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the monkey in the tree, got too stoned and then fell into the river while taking a drink.
The crocodile says he has to check this out and walks into the jungle, finds the tree were the monkey is sitting, finishing a joint.
The Crocodile looks up and says "Hey!"
The Monkey looks down and says....
"Fuuuuuuuuck..... Duuuuuuude.....how much water did you drink?!!" 

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At the cabin...
My father-in-law put this box of kleenex in our bedroom at the cabin this summer.   He is always up to something to make us laugh and we love him dearly.  A shotgun shell is also conveniently accessible right above the bed, just in case a bear interrupts. 

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chicken & egg
**Not my personal photo.

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Message for My Friend
It's a jungle out there...
pretty little chicken, fly high in the sky
as hard as it is, to say your good-bye
be strong and brave, it won't take long
your heart will be found, love will sing a new song
close in many hearts, long after we part
don't be sad, remember the good times we had
(P.S. I know chickens don't fly, but your  will though...) 

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35 Year Retirement Award - Canadian Coast Guard
Captain Michael O'Brien... yeah, the spiffy man in the center with the fancy gold bars on his uniform!  Seen above, accepting an award for his 35 years of service with the Canadian Coast Guard today (went home with some loot too).    Congratulations dad!  We love you!

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There's a hair on my cake!
another year has gone, another has begun
candies on my cake, look like they're having fun
blow out the candles today, i'm not getting old
it's just another birthday, live young i have been told

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Edge of the Earth
Fort Amherst, Newfieland
purplish cliffs, salt-kissed spray
where north america first dawns it's day
rainbow homes, ocean blue
doors swing open to welcome you
carefree hearts, seafood grand
take me home to newfoundland
(Established 1810 - Newfoundland's oldest active light station)

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New friends...
Jocelyn, Christine, Heather, Natasha and Trish
Here we are at Casey's in Collingwood, this past Wednesday.  We are the Entrepreneurs who will be rich next year, without the help of Lotto 649, of course.  Brent, the carrot man , had to leave early to go to his hockey game but not before the group of us had a few good laughs together.  Such smart people with fantastic ideas!

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On the beach in Maui, two years ago today...  Trade winds blowing the sweet scent of plumeria across this gorgeous, tropical island.  Take me back again... we will be back again.
John & Natasha
John & Natasha - Westin Maui Webcam

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Friendly Moose
**This photo is credit of Boyd G.
We sure have friendly moose here in Canada!  This big guy puckered up for me to give him a sloppy one on the snout earlier this summer.  Fortunately, we had the camera ready to capture this rare behavior.  =) 

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Ready to build his house....
Smurf Villiage
Smurfs really are fascinating and charming little creatures.  I caught this little bugger, enroute to the construction site to build his tiny villiage amoung the mushrooms.  They sure know how to pick their locations....  These smurf shacks were located on Boulder Island, nestled in snugly with the lichen, overlooking beautiful Cobble Lake.

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Banging my head against the wall, trying to get this business plan completed.  Every once in a while, I go blank and can't think of anything to write, so this is why I am here...  Trying to think again.  My neck hurts and I have a headache.  The house is cooking because I don't know how to control the amount of heat the woodstove gives off.  There is music playing on the dish, but if I hear Faith Hill sing Mississippi Girl one more time, I am going to fucking LOSE IT.  Deep breaths.  Inhale.....  Exhale.....
It's extremely windy again today - November gails big time.  No need to go rake up all the leaves because Mother Nature already took care of that for us yesterday.  I feel sorry for the guy who got all of our mess, but I bet their kids are happy.  Power went out for 4 hours yesterday too.  Right when I was in the middle of baking Orange Spice Moose cookies.  =)  I managed to get them done though and they turned out pretty good.  Rented and watched the dvd CRASH yesterday via the generator power.  What an awesome movie....  Seriously, it's definitely the 8.5 out of 10 that www.imdb.com rates it.  Highly recommended, indeed.
Kenny Chesney received an award for '2004 Entertainer of the Year' last night - I really like his new one, 'Who You'd Be Today.'  Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss performed beautifully as always with their 'Whiskey Lullaby.'  My fave, Alan Jackson performed 'Monday Morning Church' with Patty Loveless...  Lucky bitch.  Gosh, he is sweet!
Mmm... Tall, sexy man...  
'Who You'd Be Today' just came on.... Perfect timing, so I'm back to the business plan.... Until next time.

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Happy Halloween!

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Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland 2005

lost at sea, looking for light

fighting the storm, no land in sight

clouds hide the stars, north atlantic chill

need to find the beacon, high upon the hill

ship tossing and turning, stomach gathers fear

lord help me tonight, bring me home to cape spear

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my daddy
Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. O dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden. Dear God, we place our worries in your hands. We place our sick under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us.

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St. John's, Newfoundland
Here is home and where I will be tomorrow night.  Shea Heights is a community settled on top of the hill to the left side of this image (houses are not in view), and that is where I grew up before moving to Ontario at the age of 16.  At night, you could see all the city lights twinkle below and the air is fresh and salty from the Atlantic.
St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the oldest European settlements in North America. St. John's is a seaport town sitting at the eastern edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is a mixture of wooden row houses, imposing churches and trees, lakes and walking trails. Combine this with an eclectic culture, modern buildings and industries and you have stepped into a city that is lively and vibrant.
St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador, is the oldest European settlement in North America, founded on the feast of St. John the Baptist, June 24, 1497.

The Italian navigator John Cabot, who sailed under English flag, was the first European since the Vikings verifiably known to have reached mainland America. The 500th anniversary of his landing in what he named New Founde Lande was celebrated in 1997. St. John's became the oldest British colony in North America as, on August 5, 1583, Sir Humphrey Gilbert took possession of the region for England. The settlement changed hands several times between France and England, until becoming permanently British in 1762 and serving as a naval base during both the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Many of the St. John's earliest settlers came from the Southeast of Ireland, primarily Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny. This would explain the similarity between accents from that part of Ireland and Newfoundland.

The worst disaster to befall St. John's was on July 8, 1892 and is commonly called The Great Fire of 1892. There was another major fire that started in the same neighbourhood on December 21, 1992, destroying over a dozen businesses and leaving hundreds homeless.

It was at St. John's that Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless message, and it was from there that the first nonstop transatlantic flight was made in 1919 by Alcock and Brown.

During the Second World War, the harbour was used by Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy ships used for protecting convoys. It was also the site of a large US Army base called "Fort Pepperrell." This base was established as part of the "Lend-lease" agreement between the UK and USA.

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Majestic creature...
Bald Eagle
This picture was taken using digital zoom without a tripod therefore, it's a little blurry from the camera-shake.  We sat in a small fishing boat and watched this beautful bald eagle gobble down the musky fish guts we fed him, a couple of weeks ago.  It's a rare pleasure to get this close indeed.  Simply spectacular...

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Hot Dog...
Here's our cute, little Shaemus dog...  Staying cool and desperately needing a haircut, as you can see.  Isn't he the most adorable little hairball?  This miniature schnauzer has a wonderful personality and we loves em very, very dearly. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2005, 11:03:27 AM | staynergirl

 Vermilion Bay
Mmmmm.... almost time to go away.  Explore the lakes of northern Ontario...  See the sticks, stumps and walleye as big as Orca.  Lay dockside and listen to the loons...  See Mars at it's closest ever in recorded history on August 27th.  Mmmm.... peaceful wilderness. 
Here is my underwater housing that I don't have a clue how to use yet.  It's going to be a beautiful adventure to use it in the pristine waters of Vermilion Bay.  My mind is already there without my body...  Mmmmm....  Take me there...
I noticed Wine Lake just north on 105...  Is that where we go to get refills?  =)

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'Somebody' kept me up all night and I'm NOT happy about it.  Bok Bok Bok making my ears bleed and I never even said he could have permission to stay over.  He shreaked for just a little bit, while I was sending him on his way across the clothes line.  Don't worry though...  He didn't fight for too long.  
It's going to be another hot one today.  Perhaps we will have fried chicken tonight for dinner.

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Skat the Cat
Skat the Cat
Excerpts Taken From A Cat's Diary

DAY 752
My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while I am forced to eat dry cereal. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of escape, and the mild satisfaction I get from ruining the occasional piece of furniture. Tomorrow I may eat another houseplant.

DAY 761
Today my attempt to kill my captors by weaving around their feet while they were walking almost succeeded, must try this at the top of the stairs. In an attempt to disgust and repulse these vile oppressors, I once again induced myself to vomit on their favorite chair...must try this on their bed.

DAY 762
Slept all day so that I could annoy my captors with sleep depriving, incessant pleas for food at ungodly hours of the night.

DAY 765
Decapitated a mouse and brought them the headless body, in attempt to make them aware of what I am capable of, and to try to strike fear into their hearts. They only cooed and condescended about what a good little cat I was. Hmmm.... Not working according to plan.

DAY 768
I am finally aware of how sadistic they are. For no good reason I was chosen for the water torture. This time however it included a burning foamy chemical called "shampoo." What sick minds could invent such a liquid? My only consolation is the piece of thumb still stuck between my teeth.

DAY 771
There was some sort of gathering of their accomplices. I was placed in solitary throughout the event. However, I could hear the noise and smell the foul odor of the glass tubes they call "beer." More importantly, I overheard that my confinement was due to MY power of allergies." Must learn what this is and how to use it to my advantage.

DAY 774
I am convinced the other captives are flunkies and may be snitches. The dog is routinely released and seems more than happy to return. He is obviously a half-wit. The bird on the other hand has got to be an informant. He has mastered their frightful tongue (something akin to molespeak) and speaks with them regularly. I am certain he reports my every move.

Due to his current placement in the metal room his safety is assured. But I can wait. It is only a matter of time.................

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Tomorrow, dad will retire as Commanding Officer and Master Mariner.  Thirty-six years of service in the Canadian Coast Guard and we are SO proud of you, dad!!! 
CCGS Cape Roger
With much love, Natasha, Shelly, Michael & Seamus xox

Tuesday, September 13, 2005, 10:56:52 AM | staynergirl

dad and crew
No more fighting the high seas of the cold, North Atlantic for a while...  No more chasing dolphins and collecting glacier ice for holiday cocktails.  Today, Captain Michael O'Brien makes his way from the dock, to take a relaxing drive in his Land Rover.  Only 60 years young and full of energy, he will start this journey with adventure and spirit.  Congratulations, dad!  May there be many happy tomorrows in your future.  XOX BIG KISS ~ WE LOVE YOU XOX 
P.S. Did you buy your yacht yet? 

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Chicken going to Vermilion Bay
Yes, we are ready to go!  Yipee!  Tomorrow morning, bright and early...  We are going far, far away and won't be back for 3 whole weeks!  Chicken is in a duffle bag with my scuba gear and he is at the door waiting!  Chirpy little bastard. 
Twenty-three hours drive and we will be in a different part of the world.  Black bears, loons, loads of walleye, and peaceful isolation.  Mmmmm....  If the bears are real hungry, there is always Chicken. 
For all my friends:  I will not have a computer.  Please do not load my email will forwarded junk mail or huge files.  I will have access to a computer on September 3rd, and a nice email or two is welcomed.  
Blog world:  So long...  I will be back soon.  XOX
(P.S. For those of you who don't know, Chicken belongs to my sister.  Shelly, don't have a heart attack.  I won't really feed him to the bears.  You can have him back when you arrive up there in 2 weeks).

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The warmth is gone...
Fish & Fire
...and replaced my the constant heatwave and smog alerts of southern Ontario's so-called summer.  Our holiday in north-western Ontario was fantastic, to say the least.  The air smells so different there.  
My father-in-law stands staring at the crackling fire, while the loons lullaby a song.  Mornings bring Mergansers, frolicking and fighting for fish along the sandy shoreline.  Swim in the beautiful lake...  Cocktails in the afternoon...  Musky, walleye and bass fishing at dusk...  Feed the bald eagles the fish guts so that the bears don't intrude...  Nightcap...  Listen to the loons, while sitting around the fire again...  Have the best sleep with crisp coolness, nipping at your nose...  Awake with the chattering of red squirrels, as they drop bombs of pine cones from the tall tops of the red and white pine trees.  Careful to not get hit on the head with one, because they fall like rocks and it can hurt.  Silly little squirrels. 
Three weeks gone and I want to go back.  What a gorgeous place...  Vermilion Bay, Ontario.

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In Kenora right now and the weather has been absolutely beautiful for our whole vacation.  Andrea and Clint got married yesterday and as expected, it went without a hitch.  It was a lovely evening, indeed and they both looked radiant! 
Last week, we fed a family of bald eagles over on Monkey Island.  They cleaned that Musky and left nothing but the spine and jaw... such an amazing bird... My breath was taken, as we were only about 30 feet away from them.  Of course, I have MANY, MANY pictures to post in Link A to the left of your screen, but unfortunately, you will have to wait until I get home in a week or so. 
We are meeting Shelly and Pat at noon in Vermilion Bay tomorrow - I can't wait to see her... My sister, my best friend...  This next week, we plan to do lots more fishing for Small Mouth Bass, Walleye (Pickerel) and Musky - deeeeellliiicccious and the air is so clean here (too bad we can't bottle it and sell it to Toronto or some of the other smoggy cities $). 
Tonight, we are hanging out with Bobbi and Rob.  Ma and Pa may be coming over to have supper with us...  It's just a lazy day after last night's events and already, I am starting to yawn.  You sleep alot better in this clean, northern air...  I just love it here.

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It's 6:20 am and I am just having a glass of iced tea before we go on our journey.  The guys are in the kitchen having a bowl of cereal and talking about all the crime and guns in Toronto.  John says the fuckers don't know how to shoot.  The song, 'I need a lover that won't drive me crazy' by John Mellencamp is playing on the dish and it's still dark outside.  It's very exciting to take a trip to a place I have never been.  See you all when I get back.  XOX

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a friendly butterfly
pretty pretty butterfly
fluttering above the world so high
in a spiral, to and fro
lovely how your colors glow
pretty pretty butterfly
how you love the morning sky

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This weekend will be maximum peak time for viewing the meteor showers...  The count is at 21 people and they will all be camping in our backyard to watch this fantastic spectacle of light.  Hair-strand size comet debris, ramming into our atmosphere at approximately 60 kilometers (37 miles) per second, creating bright streaks of light in our midsummer night skies...  It will be beautiful indeed. 
This morning, I was on a mission and I believe I now have the know-how to capture some of these twinkling trails in my camera.  Hopefully I will be able to share some of these pictures with you next week (permitting I don't fall asleep under the darkness drenched night).
You should watch the sky too...  Just look to the northeast after dusk...

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A little piece of heaven...

This is a picture I took this afternoon using my father-in-law's tripod.  I set my camera up to take the photo in sepia mode and it almost feels like I have stepped back in time.  Sometimes I think I should have been born in another time...  There is something so beautiful and nostalgic about it and I'm not exactly sure why...  Perhaps it's the reality that we can't go back there?  It's a place that's lost forever...  except in our minds. 

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Burrr-weep!  Burrr-weep!
Mr. Hoppy is one of Stayner's local grasshoppers and he makes his way around town by either walking, hopping, or flying.  This little guy was loitering outside Dixie Lee Chicken yesterday and asked me to take his picture.  Yes, I take my new camera EVERYWHERE with me - You never know when you're going to bump into a talking grasshopper!  If you look really close at the photo on the right, you will see Mr. Hoppy really does have a beautiful smile.  It's underside was pinkish-red in color...  Does anyone know what type of grasshopper this is? 

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Technology Today
Once upon a time, there were no computers... 
Today, I am using the computer, digital camera and a Garmin GPS.
(and I'm wearing SPF 45)

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Beautiful colors...
Pretty flowers...  Orange was nan's favorite color and yellow for November and me.  This past weekend, these two flowers made me think of being beside her.  She was smiling down on me, for sure...  Shortly after taking this picture, John told me I smelled like flowers.  I guess this was her way of staying with me throughout the day.  Miss you, nan...  You're still near.   

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A Bug's Life...
Sunflower Sweetness

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After spending 3 hours there, they sent me home Monday night and said what I wrote in yesterday's blog.  My doctor then calls me at home and says I have to go back to the hospital and get a cast on because... I have multiple fractures!  WHAT???  COME AGAIN???  All I could think about then was, 'How is this going to affect my scuba diving trip next month?!?!'  So, here we go again to the hospital for another 4 hours last night.  When you click on the links in this blog, don't let their smiling faces fool you - They are evil and slow as cold molasses in January.  End result being: here's my left foot...  I will update you later on which bones they are, but right now I gotta try to scratch an itch that's under this crazy contraption (did I mention it's hotter than hell today too?).
Evil Foot
The disarticulated bones of the left foot
(The talus and calcaneus remain articulated)
There are 26 bones in each foot, not including the 2 sesamoid bones located underneath the first metatarsal head.
1 Calcaneus 2 Talus 3 Navicular4 Medial cuneiform 5 Intermediate cuneiform6 Lateral cuneiform 7 Cuboid 8 First metatarsal9 Second metatarsal 10 Third metatarsal11 Fourth metatarsal 12 Fifth metatarsal13 Proximal phalanx of great toe 14 Distal phalanx of great toe15 Proximal phalanx of second toe 16 Middle phalanx of second toe17 Distal phalanx of second toe

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Dad, look what Santa is bringing you for Christmas this year!
You see...  The squeaky wheel will get oiled and you're finally getting a birdfeeder just like mine (but bigger and cedar)!  All you have to do is remove the chimney cap and voila!  Pour some black oil sunflower seeds down the chute and you'll have them chirpin from far and wide!  Real cedar shakes on the roof too!  Nice, eh?  Only 16 hours and a brad-nail in the finger...  No big deal.  =)  You're worth it!

P.S. I love my new camera.
(A special thanks to the editorial staff for pointing out my grammatical errors.  I would be nothing without you.)

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Went to see my doctor this afternoon.  Fractured are the following (diagram below on July 19th):
Third metatarsal (10), Fourth metatarsal (11), Fifth metatarsal (12)
Long story short... because these fractures don't get the same amount of support compared to the metatarsals of the 'tough and strong' papa and mama piggies, I have to wear this freakin cast for a minimum 6 weeks.  Needless to say, I am very disappointed.    GRRR... OFF WITH THE FOOT!

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The Prisoner
Bound tightly in a straight-jacket with no room to move. 
Two eyes of ought, longing to be removed from this torment.  
Lips sealed as it shall not speak of spasms.
Air surrounds, but none to breathe.
Confined in captivity and searching to circumvent.
Sadness instilled for it's gallop is governed.
The itch is awake and the heat incinerates.
Remain as prisoner - When will the physician pardon?

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Food for thought:
FRIES, DRESSING AND GRAVY   <----click here
(vinegar too, of course!)

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Ladies and gentleman:  I am sorry to announce that I will be unavailable for the next little while and unable to read to you.  My new camera has arrived safe and sound, which means I will be busy learning how to use it in order to take more wonderful pictures for this lovely blog. 
Don't be sad, for I will return as soon as possible. 
Note for 1st & 2nd cousins, Gary and Garvin:  Stop screening your calls; It's just me... It was very nice to hear your voice and let's try to get together real soon!  XOX 

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Lukewarm coffee, throbbing foot, washer spinning, grass needs cutting, house to be vacuumed, groceries to be bought...can't drive - no clutch foot.  Shelly must be getting all ready for her husband's return tomorrow and I can almost see her smile from here.  My new camera is getting shipped today along with the underwater housing which I may not be able to use unless my foot gets better quickly.  The frontload washer sounds like a jet taking off and I am going to attempt to drive the John Deer with this monster of a leg.  The grass will soon be around my ears otherwise and I don't want this house to ever look trashy or unkempt.  Miniature horses trotting by the house and the tress are swaying with the slight breeze.  Cars go by at 80km, but the sign reads 50km - are they blind or just stupid.  The horses don't seem to mind, but I do.  Hopefully the energy will come soon and I will carry on my day.  Until then, lukewarm coffee...  

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 My Foot Hurts
Boating with Neil and Joanne on Saturday and, I had only been there an hour when I had my little accident.  You know when you are walking up the stairs and not really paying attention to your footing?  Your toes just kinda grab onto the step and then slip off with the weight of your body behind it....?  Yeah, that's right AND IT HURTS!  My toes caught the step and were forced towards me, that I thought for certain I may have broken one of the 27 bones in there.  Three hours at the hospital last night confirmed otherwise though.  The doctor said it's 'Hyperextension' which is tissue and tendon damage and all I can do is the R.I.C.E. Formula*.  This put a damper on everything, as you can imagine.  Now, I can't stand on it and I can't use the clutch in my car.  I feel completely useless.

The R.I.C.E Formula

"Rest" the foot and limit weight bearing. Use crutches if necessary, but if there is no fracture you are safe to put some weight on the leg.   An ankle brace often helps control swelling and adds stability while the ligaments are healing.

"Ice" on the ankle will also help. Don't put ice directly on the  skin (keep a thin piece of cloth such as a pillow case between the ice bag and the skin) and don't ice more than 20 minutes at a time to avoid frost bite.

"Compression" can be helpful in controlling swelling and is usually accomplished with an ACE bandage.

"Elevate" the foot by propping it up above the waist or heart as needed. Remember, the more the foot is down, the more it  will swell and hurt.

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Canada Flag
The Canada Day celebrations were a success.  The backyard was full of campers, tons of awesome food, swimming at the beach and mass amounts of alcohol consumption.  What remains, is nothing but a small fortune of empties.  No more children climbing the walls, no more voices laughing and having a good time....  just empties.  I'm so lonely.  =(  Happy Independence Day, United States.   

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The first breath of dawn awakens me from a restful bliss and I am ready for the journeys of this brand new day.  Dampness hangs in the air with confirmation that this heatwave is not about to end any time soon.  Still, the day is splendid for me... 
Shelly and Penny spent last evening in the swimming pool until the wee hours of 4am.  No doubt they are a close comparison to shrivelled prunes today.  Who needs a tummy tuck or a face life when you can sit in water all evening and have your skin stretch together in various areas, resulting in a form similar to a half-chewed caramel?  Sounded like fun, nevertheless.
The clock is ticking before me, and I await the news that will determine our day.  Constantly aiming to please me, I can't have him decide this way when his health is more imperative.  If only I could take some of this pain away...  He is tormented and tortured with continual searing soreness and, I can only stand helplessly beside him.  Nobody deserves to suffer like this... especially someone so magnificent and beautiful.

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Standing tall is the man who creates artistic treasures from the wood of this timberland.  Cardinal colors caress the cut of this creature and his heavy hands embrace lumber with love.  Delicate strategy is used with each untouched undertaking, and like belonging approach of sweetheart and story, success is gained with proficient productiveness.  Absolute is the affection shown with saturated sincerity, for his honor of genealogy is genuine.  Always alive with the first arrival of sun, this tall-reaching being will prepare his creations, for the day is full of flowering fruit.  Heavenly happy in splendor for this rare richness, I will forever be appreciative to hold him.  My love - my beautiful John.  

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 It's ALL about ME
If this heat keeps up, I am going to go mental.  My brain is cooked and I have had writer's block for almost a week.  We plan to go boating with Neil and Joanne this weekend and I am wondering whether something will stop us from going this time, since last year's plans were never executed due to other affairs or weather.  My butt has been grounded to this chair for most of the day, except for saying good-bye to Uncle Bob and Aunt Marlene.  They are truly exceptional people and I am VERY lucky to be part of a family as wonderful as the G's.  Ma and Fish are leaving for Vermilion Bay on Monday and I can barely wait until it's time for our departure.  My new camera and underwater housing will get tons of use, I'm sure (in various atmospheres).....    and it's thanks to my husband and my big sis for they saved the day and I am now equipped with the tools essential for the tasks of adventure.  My smile is from ear to ear and I am once again, VERY fortunate.  John said that if I keep making boxes, one day he will get me that BMW I always wanted.  I wonder what I will have to do for Shelly (besides re-pot her dead flowers).   

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Change of plans...

Chicken decided he wants to go to the Northwest Territories to visit his girlfriend instead of seeing Newfoundland for the first time.  Pat has some environmental work to do up there, so he will be gone for a month with the bird.  It was beyond doubt that he can go to Newfoundland anytime, so his flight plan will take him to see his doll instead.
The temperature is at 33 C and it's only 8am.  Only one week into Summer and already we have had record smog days in the city.  Yesterday, the thermometer hit 36 and I believe it's headed to at least that temp today.  There was a bunny rabbit at the base of the bird feeder at 5:30 this morning, getting his fill of sunflower seeds before they all burnt to a crisp.  John said the furry guy was Chewy, but I think it was actually Screech.
And I know, those of you who are reading this probably think I am completely nuts, right?  Guess what....... I am nutsI am also one of those really quiet people who has trouble making conversation with people.  That's why I created this site.      

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A friend told me this morning, 'we very likely walk past a murderer every day.' 
This was a sobering notion that I had not given any thought to before.  What makes them human?  What makes their mind tick the way it does?  So many questions and never finding the full answer. 
While England picks up the pieces of a torn yesterday, a mother will cry and a church will pray.  Strength will be found and we will once again stand tall.  The evil cowards may continue to live in their twisted and tormented world.  Jealous of the beauty within our countries and people, for they will never find the peace we have within... 

Thursday, July 07, 2005, 7:33:27 AM | staynergirl
I've been awake since five this morning and have watched the news to hear about the terror attacks in the transit systems of London, England.  What is this little blue marble coming to?  People seem to get pleasure out of inflicting pain and suffering on others and I can't even imagine why.  They are just beginning to count the fatalities now...
Last night I watched an interesting program of why murderers murder.  Dr. Elliot Leyton (now retired) is a man who dedicated 36 years to teaching at Memorial University of Newfoundland which included The Advance Study of Homicide.  He studies serial killers / mass murderers and believes the crimes have a tremendous amount to do with the society these human hunters live in, along with their tragic backgrounds.  Newfoundland and England is said to have the lowest murder rate in all the world and his reasoning was because people are more comfortable and friendly with each other.  Certainly there must be some mental instability involved, but if you live in an environment that has a peaceful atmosphere and you interact often, you would be less likely to kill. 
Why the killing in England today?  What drives these sadistic animals to do the things they do?  When will this world have peace?

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My sister and I are SO LUCKY!
 John & Patrick
Hunka hunka burning love....  This beautiful picture of John and Pat was taken May 24 long weekend of 2004 in Watkins Glen, New York.  This is such stunning place to visit, if you're into travel.  All you have to do is, head toward the Finger Lakes in upper New York and follow Seneca Lake to it's most southern point.  From there, you will find yourself amoungst some of the most spectacular scenery and wonderful vineyard wineries.  Above is a photo taken inside Watkins Glen State Park itself...     

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Countdown to the release of Killer Karla
Karla Homolka, also known as Karla Teale says she fears for her life....  IMAGINE THAT.  Perhaps she will now get a taste of what she did to her victims.  It's unfortunate http://www.byebyekarla.com/ has been taken over by the Canadian Coalition Against The Death Penalty because I know some people who would have liked to participate in that death pool game.  Soon, the evil fiend will walk...  Question is, for how long?           

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Teacher Lisa 
If you want an adventure with some awesome instructors, take a class with The Dive Shop.  Above, are pictures of two of the coolest people who we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with, during our diving experience.  Lisa and Diver Dave...  You're the best!  Thank you so much for the education, the laughs and of course...  our certification!   

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Well, it's Monday and Canada Day is just around the corner.  By Friday, our backyard will have tents pitched and it'll be crawling with people drinking beer and having a good time.  We got our scuba diving certification yesterday and I am very excited about that.  I feel bad that Shelly never got her yellow sticker due to her not completing the course with us yesterday.  The doctor recommends she take care of her sinus infection until she finishes the antibiotics.  Chicken is going to Newfoundland on Monday...  He was contemplating getting a tattoo but he's afraid his mom will ground him.  He is soooo whipped. 

Saturday, June 25, 2005, 4:12:55 PM | staynergirl

WOOHOOOOO!  Yipee!  I did my first my first open water dive in Lake Simcoe today and I LIVED!  hahaha  Of all the skills I had to do, my biggest fear was taking my mask off.  I kept saying, "I'll do it tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow."  Thank goodness I did it today because I would otherwise feel the pressure to do it tomorrow or not get certified or I would not get any sleep tonight whatsoever.
Shelly, on the other hand, got an ear, nose and throat infection and has to take antibiotics.  Poor girl was is agony...  Chicken didn't dive today, but may come out and join in on the fun tomorrow for the big 'certification' day.  Maybe he will just sit with Shelly on the dock, while we're all getting wet!
Thermoclines enough to skin ya to da bone after 15feet.  I'm excited to go back in tomorrow!

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Happy 1st day of Summer...
Stayner doesn't have a lighthouse like the one above.   No... It's beautiful in a different way...  This is home for me now that I have met and married the most wonderful man in the world and Cape Spear's lighthouse will forever burn in my heart.
Visit North America's most Easterly point, if you don't mind the 'skin-ya-alive' Atlantic chill snappin at your arsehole (edited for dad)!  I'm certain your heart will skip a beat as you make your way around the winding road and get your first view of this National Historic landmark.  Salty ocean waves crashing furiously against the rugged Appalacians...  The sound, the smell, the sight!  No other place like it in the world.         

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Beautiful day for a drive!  Stayner to Angus to Newmarket to Stayner....  Oh, how I sometimes wish I had a faster car!  Check out this mean, road-eatin' machine:  1988 MINT condition Mustang Cobra, supercharged, magtires, only 80,000 kms, wicked sound system, pampered like a baby, turn all the heads in town, squeelin wheels, stick shift...  Did I mention it's dad's and not mine?  (sniff, sniff) 

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Sharks in Lake Simcoe? 
That's what I've been told to watch out for on Saturday when I go scuba diving.  Nice.  It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't already freaked out with fear of drowning, but now I have to worry about sharks in a freshwater lake.  Oh....  and scaring the fish!  One of my dearest friends asked me to not scare the fish!  How sweet and thoughtful that Tina girl is.  She always has something nice to say to me.  

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Meet Chicken
Yes, Chicken is just like us, except he is on a permanent holiday (lucky duck).  You see, Chicken travels the world and is seen above, enroute to the airport for his trip to New York City two weeks ago.  Shelly packed him in a Purolator envelope and shipped him to Petra (who was only a 1/2 hour away), and off he went on a journey to a new land that he hadn't adventured to date.  This weekend, Chicken will be scuba diving with us!  Indeed, he will be safe and secure in a Ziploc baggie, with enough air in the baggie to suffice the trip, since he doesn't have his own air supply and regulator (YET).  So, don't be alarmed when you see this little, feathery, friend in your daily travels.  He's just a harmless bird, out touring the world and enjoying new and exciting adventures.     PS: If anyone has seen his identical twin, please let me know and I will arrange for his safe return/reunion.  Thanks.